“We know the skills gap we need to address in our technical teams but do not want a one-size-fits all slide show; instead we want a bespoke training solution developed for us and for our business”

At the heart of all our training solutions is the firm belief that participants learn far more effectively through doing; so our programmes are always highly interactive and focussed around practical case studies, exercises and projects, supported by expert led delivery and support. We have extensive experience of designing and delivering in person and virtual training programmes, to provide flexibility and efficiency to our clients who need to provide global training solutions as effectively as possible. We make full use of virtual functionality to ensure traditional classroom interactivity is maintained.

We believe, uniquely amongst training organisations, at MAP Training we combine technical insurance expertise with enormous capability development experience. We have experts who have both done the job and have hands-on experience of designing and delivering technical training and constantly challenge themselves to ensure all training is engaging, practical, participative and enjoyable.

Our clients and potential clients are insurers of all sizes, plus MGAs, professional bodies and brokers.