We were engaged by our client to lead the design and delivery of three one day workshops to improve the Trading Skills of their market facing underwriters over a period of 6 months. They wrapped a whole programme around this central core of training workshops that included building a trading competency framework, conducting a TNA, and putting a coach support network in place. When the internal project manager moved on, there was an immediate need for them to be replaced with someone who could be brought quickly up to speed with the project and ensure the ongoing planning and rollout activity continued seamlessly.


With our flexible resource model we were able to quickly put in place a highly experienced Project Manager who was able to take over the role for the duration of the programme and provided a seamless transition to ensure all aspects of the programme continued to be developed and rolled out to great effect. In addition to providing the core Project Management capability needed by the client, our Project Manager was able to bring their breadth of experience to provide insight and guidance to all aspects of the project.


The client was delighted with both the efficient management of the project and the considerable extra value they got from our PM across the spectrum of the project, which included considerable transfer of knowledge to support future self-sufficiency for the client as they looked ahead to phase two of the programme. The programme was entered and was chosen as a finalist in the Insurance Times awards.