Trading Skills in the Insurance Industry

Back in 2016 many of our market friends and contacts were really helpful to us at MAP Training by taking part in some research that focussed on – how well insurance companies built technical excellence in their employees. (For a copy of the survey report – The organisational capability in the insurance market to drive the development of technical excellence” – please send an email to

We would now like to invite you to do the same on another really interesting topic encapsulated by the following two questions:-

“How well do insurers develop their underwriters to enable them to trade effectively with their brokers?’

“How good are underwriters at building relationships with brokers to enable them to be productive and effective when trading?”

In our recent article, ‘Is the underwriter ready for a hard market?’  we discussed broadly what does an underwriter need in a rapidly changing market, and one of the topics explored was the requirement for trading skills and the attributes of a good trading underwriter.

We would now like to research this trading skills area by asking you to participate in a brief survey  (just 9 questions – taking only 5 to 10 minutes to complete).

There are four really important principles in completing this survey and participating in the research:-

  1. We require views from a broad range of people at all levels working within or with insurers.
  2. We recognise that the views of individuals are not the official views of their company and all responses will be aggregated and no single response attributed to any individual or company.
  3. In fact we want your personal views on the trading skills you have observed and witnessed yourself (not the official company-line).
  4. Please answer the questions in relation to the largest number of underwriters where you have a consistent and informed view – whether that is your team, your department, your division of the business or the company as a whole.

Please take part in our research by opening the link below:

Trading Skills Survey

Please note the survey will be open until 6th April 2018

Everyone who completes the research and leaves their contact details will receive a complimentary full report of the findings when it is published.

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