How well does the insurance industry develop technical excellence?


What does an organisation in the insurance sector need to have in place to drive the development of technical excellence across their business?

The team at MAP training have our own views but we are keen to get the views of others working in the industry.

We are conducting a short research initiative to explore the organisational capability that currently exists across the insurance market to drive the development of technical excellence. We would like to gather the views from a broad range of people at all levels in the industry.  We recognise that the views of individuals are not the official views of their company and all responses will be aggregated and no single response attributed to any individual or company.

We would like your opinion on just nine statements, so this should take no more than five to ten minutes of your time.


Please take part in our research by opening the link below:

Everyone who completes the research and leaves their contact details will receive a complimentary full report of the findings when it is published.



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