The Perfect Storm on Policy Wordings – 6 Difficult Questions for Underwriters

Developing policy wordings are a critical and yet often overlooked core capability of any insurer. Are we doing enough to develop this capability?

Working with our clients to respond to their changing requirements

As the sun sets on 2020, we look back on how we have responded to clients’ changing needs to deliver flexible training solutions.

A Changing Market?

After a long period of soft and competitive conditions the UK insurance market – or perhaps more accurately sections of it – is hardening. How well insurers are positioned for this change can be assessed by some specific questions aimed at Underwriting Directors and/or Portfolio Managers.

Embedding new skills

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action” – this is a quote from Herbert Spencer, a Nobel Prize Winner back in 1902. This may have been said over 100 years ago but bears as much relevance today as always. In order to maximise any investment in training it is crucial that the trainees get the opportunity to make use of their newly acquired skills and knowledge and take action to do things differently. How well do you think the insurance industry ensures learning is utilised to obtain maximum value? This article looks at the findings from our recent research study and highlights some key points that should be borne in mind when any company invests in training and development programmes for their staff.

Portfolio Management – a core insurance skill

Managing a portfolio of business is a challenging affair with many dimensions to consider and many different teams to deal with. This article explores the scope of the role, the skills required to be a good Portfolio Manager and the challenge businesses face in recruiting and developing the right people to lead their portfolios.

Example Training Programme

We work with clients to design and deliver bespoke training. At the heart of any training programme design is the firm belief that delegates will learn far more effectively through doing; so our programmes are always highly interactive and focussed around practical case studies, exercises and projects supported by expert led delivery and support. Take a look at this example to learn about how we can work with a client to design a bespoke programme.

Insurance Industry Challenges

In a market where there is enormous complexity and increased regulation, the insurance industry faces many challenges maintaining, and ideally increasing, the technical capability of its people to improve business performance and provide competitive advantage. Read more to see how many are familiar to you.