Is decision making authority always linked to skills and competence?

If you saw someone working up a tree using a powerful chainsaw, would you expect that they have been given the appropriate training and had the relevant skills and experience necessary to do the job? In today’s insurance world with a focus on compliance, regulation and control, would you expect to see employees’ authority to make underwriting and claims decisions clearly linked to their skill, competence and experience? This is what we explore in this latest article following industry research we have recently conducted.

Training – The Chain Of Destruction

As an industry, do companies operating in insurance maximise their return on training investment? In this article, our views are combined with other leading industry experts, to explore where we see the value of training investment being destroyed and what you can do to maximise your return.

How well does the insurance industry develop technical excellence?

What does an organisation in the insurance sector need to have in place to drive the development of technical excellence across their business? We would love to hear your views so please share a few minutes of your time to take part in our research. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the final report.

Insurer consolidation – a challenge to the development of technical staff

The insurance industry continues to undergo consolidation and this seems unlikely to cease in the near future. Following a merger or acquisition, the new organisation faces a number of integration challenges – this article looks at some of the key technical challenges they need to consider.

Portfolio Management – a core insurance skill

Managing a portfolio of business is a challenging affair with many dimensions to consider and many different teams to deal with. This article explores the scope of the role, the skills required to be a good Portfolio Manager and the challenge businesses face in recruiting and developing the right people to lead their portfolios.

MAPability – our diagnostic tool

At MAP Training, we work with clients who want to develop advanced technical skills in their people to support filling of existing capability gaps and succession gaps. MAPability is our own unique diagnostic tool that allows us to assess and benchmark an organisation’s capability against eight dimensions that are critical to success in building these advanced skills. Open this page to find out more.

Example Training Programme

We work with clients to design and deliver bespoke training. At the heart of any training programme design is the firm belief that delegates will learn far more effectively through doing; so our programmes are always highly interactive and focussed around practical case studies, exercises and projects supported by expert led delivery and support. Take a look at this example to learn about how we can work with a client to design a bespoke programme.

Insurance Industry Challenges

In a market where there is enormous complexity and increased regulation, the insurance industry faces many challenges maintaining, and ideally increasing, the technical capability of its people to improve business performance and provide competitive advantage. Read more to see how many are familiar to you.